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Smartclip Adapter - AS

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Smartclip Adapter - AS Details

About Smartclip

Smartclip is a Slovenian company known for its manufacture of adapters for clip-on devices, noted for their robust construction and superior finish. The adapters feature a distinctive lever that closes inward toward the adapter body, unlike many competitors' adapters where the lever shifts from the rear (loose) to the front (fixed). Hunters often detach the clip-on from the scope to swiftly scan the area. In the dark, particularly when excited by the sounds of nearby wildlife, there's a risk of quickly bringing the device close to the face, potentially poking the eye or surrounding skin with the lever in the loose position. Ludwig Dvojmoč, the company’s founder, developed the unique lever design in response to several injuries caused by traditional lever mechanisms, effectively eliminating the risk of such mishaps.

Ludwig Dvojmoč has experience working with well-known companies in the sports optics industry, such as Zeiss and Aimpoint. He played a pivotal role in establishing the Slovenian chapter of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and contributed to the amendment of several rules in the competition overall.

About the Smartclip AS adapter

The AS adapter is designed for the front-scope mounted clip-on devices. It features the M52x0.75 mounting thread which is often referred to as the Dedal mounting standard. Dedal was the pioneer in producing clip-ons for civilian use, and adapters with this standard were initially tailored for their devices. Nowadays, these adapters are frequently paired with reducing rings or converters to accommodate various mounting standards. When used with devices featuring the M52x0.75 mounting standard, no reducing ring is necessary, making this adapter function as a single unit. However, for devices with different mounting standards, a reducing ring is required, resulting in a two-piece adapter setup. Unlike one-piece adapter solutions, which typically offer limited size options for outer objective diameter, AS adapters provide a comprehensive range, with approximately 99% of all sizes available.

What is a reducing ring/converter?

Adapters that serve as a basis for clip-on mounting feature a M52x0.75 thread on one side and a riflescope objective attachment mechanism on the other. If you wish to mount a clip-on with any other thread/bayonet on your riflescope, you have two options. You can either purchase a one-piece solution, which has limited size options, or a two-piece adapter. The two-piece adapter consists of a M52x0.75 thread adapter combined with a suitable reducing ring or converter.

Smartclip adapters – size guide

With Smartclip adapters, the number in the adapter’s name indicates the outer objective diameter of the riflescope that it is designed to fit onto (in millimeters). To ensure you choose the correct adapter, measure the diameter of your riflescope’s objective using calipers (see the image below).

Figure 1: Measure the outer objective diameter of your riflescope with calipers.

You can refer to our extensive riflescope outer objective diameter chart for more information.

If you need assistance or are unsure about the measurements, feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected] for help.

Devices that share the Dedal mounting standard

Mounting instructions

Note: The counter nut either goes between the adapter and the reducing ring, or between the reducing ring and the clip-on, depending on the adapter.

Mounting a device with the Dedal mounting standard on the adapter

Align the AS adapter with the thread on the device that features the Dedal mounting standard (M52x0.75). Gently screw the adapter onto the clip-on, stopping just short of fully threading it. Prior to fully tightening the device onto the thread, utilize the counter-nut on the clip-on (if there is one) to adjust the adapter's positioning, ensuring the lever remains easily accessible. If lock screws are present on the counter-nut, remember to loosen them before making adjustments, and securely tighten them once adjustments are complete. For further guidance, consult the instruction manual provided with the clip-on.

Mounting a reducing ring/converter on the adapter

Align the AS adapter with the M52x0.75 thread on the reducing ring/converter. Gently screw the adapter onto the reducing ring/converter, stopping just short of fully threading it. Prior to fully tightening the device onto the thread, utilize the counter-nut (if there is one) to adjust the adapter's positioning, ensuring the lever remains easily accessible when the device is mounted on the clip-on.

Mounting the adapter on a riflescope

Start by placing the lever in the open position. Push it away from the adapter body to do this. Next, verify if the adapter fits onto the riflescope's objective. If it doesn't fit properly, you will need to make some adjustments:

  1. Unscrew the lock screw, which is positioned perpendicularly to the adjustment screw.
  2. Turn the adjustment screw. Rotate it clockwise to tighten or counter-clockwise to loosen, depending on the fit needed.
  3. Continuously check if the adapter can be placed on the objective while you make slight adjustments to the screw. When the adapter is placed on the objective, try closing the lever slowly – the resistance should be just right, not too loose and not overly tight. Keep adjusting the screw until the lever secures into position with just enough resistance. Be cautious: attempting to close the lever on an overtightened adapter may break the lens of the riflescope! Check the fit by firmly moving the adapter to ensure it is securely attached.
  4. Once you achieve the desired fit, secure the adjustments by screwing the lock screw back into place.
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Smartclip Adapter - AS Specifications

Accessories seriesSmartclip Accessories
Made inSlovenia
In production sinceNo
Warranty2 years
Height.0 mm
Length.0 mm
Accessories forThermal Clip-on

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