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Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56

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Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56 Details

  • The Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56 is an excellent rifle scope that offers great value for the price.

  • It has excellent optical quality, color fidelity, and light transmission.

  • It also features a mounting rail, which is a rare feature for this price range.

  • The drawbacks are that some people may not like the reticle design, and the lens covers could be improved.

  • Overall, the Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56 is an excellent choice for a hunting rifle scope.

Steiner Ranger 4 series

After six years, a renowned Ranger series of five scopes has received a makeover. We can call the Ranger 4 as the second generation of Ranger. The original Ranger rifle scopes were one of the finest hunting rifle scopes available for such a low price, and the second generation continues that reputation.

Models in Ranger 4 series:

Optical Properties

The most noticeable improvement is probably the field of view, which has been made wider. At 3x magnification, the rifle scope now provides 13 meters of the FOV at 100 meters. The difference, when compared to the first generation, is about 5 to 10% in terms of fields of view.

The light transmission rate has been improved and the colors are better. The riflescopes also fares slightly better at night and in low light. The image is very sharp, there is no tunnel effect.

Physical Properties

The Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56 is a 640-gram rifle scope that measures 35 centimeters in length. For this sort of rifle scope, it's rather standard weight and length. Even in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius, you won't have to deal with internal fogging. It comes with a robust aluminum housing and is also waterproof.

With Ranger 4 3-12x56 the parallax is fixed at 100 meters. There are now plus, and minus symbols on the diopter dial for an easier diopter adjustment. The clicks on the turrets are further apart and they produce crisper sounds.

The Ranger 4 3-12x56 comes with a redesigned reticle. In the old series, the lines used to intersect in the middle, and the dot appeared at the intersection when the illumination was turned on. With the new model, the intersection has been replaced with a fine dot and there is a small gap between the lines.

The new Ranger 4 3-12x56 model has eleven illumination settings, and they're split into two sections - the first six of which are for dusk use. Levels from 7 to 11 are more daytime usable, even though they are not strong daytime usable.

The turrets may be reset to zero in a matter of seconds. One revolution has 60 clicks. There are 11.6 MILs of elevation altogether.

Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56 comes with a 30-millimeter tube for mounting purposes. It's unusual for riflescopes in this price range to come with a mounting rail.

What’s in the Box?

  1. A bikini cover

  2. Lens cloth

  3. Instruction manual


All Steiner Ranger 4 scopes come with a 10-year warranty and are manufactured in the United States.

Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56 Specifications

Riflescopes seriesSteiner Ranger
Made in-
In production since2021
Warranty10 years
Variable magnification Yes
Minimal magnification.3x
Maximum magnification.12x
Diopter range - 3.0 / + 2.0 dpt
Lens diameter. 56mm
Min. exit pupil.4.7mm
Max. exit pupil.9.5mm
Min. field of view.3.3m/100m
Max. field of view.13m/100m
Min. eye relief.90mm
Max. eye relief.90mm
Twilight Factor
Light transmission 90%
Fast focus eyepiece Yes
Adjustment per click 10mm/100m - 0.10MIL
Turret Type Capped
Turret lockingNo
Zero StopNo
Nr. Turret Turns MT - Multi Turn
Turret rotation directionCCW
Elevation (mrad). 11.6mrad
Elevation (MOA).39MOA
Windage (mrad). 11.6mrad
Windage (MOA).39MOA
Elevation Per Turn No
Reticle position 2. focal plane - SFP
Reticle illumination Yes
Illumination color Red
Daytime-usable illumination No
Auto Turn-Off -
Dot size.0MOA
Parallax setting 100 m
Parallax adjustment No
Parallax adj. range No
Working temperature range- 25 / + 65°C
Power SupplyCR2032
Filled with Nitrogen
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Tube diameter 30 mm
Scope Rail StandardNo
Mount rail type No
Mount length.0mm
Objective diameter 64 mm
Eyepiece diameter 44.3 mm
Mounting StandardNo
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Built-in rangefinderNo

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews for Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56

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Steiner Ranger 4 3-12x56 - Deer Hunting - Australia By
I've used this scope for hunting Sambar deer in low light and day light conditions, either ambushing or stalking deer.
I have found the scope to be very good, the view is clear and crisp but above all is the illuminated red dot reticle.
The reticle can be adjusted according to the light conditions so that if you are hunting in bright light you can either turn it off completely or increase the red dot. For low light conditions, you can increase the illumination as the light fades. The dot is small and crisp, it has no fussiness and the horizontal and vertical reticles are nice and thin but very vivid.
The diopter is a pleasure to use, it is firm but not tight and it stays where you adjust it to.
I love this scope, not because I own one but because it works well.
If you are a deer hunter, who likes to ambush in the fading light, this is the scope for you.
Down side - none.
Best feature - excellent quality optics for low light.
Standout feature - Illuminated variable brightness of the red-dot.

(Posted on 31/03/2022)

Very good all-round hunting scope backed exceptional after-sale service. By
I used a 1st generation Steiner Ranger for five years. It performed flawlessly under harsh conditions in South Africa and Namibia. It however developed a small technical problem and was sent to Steiner in Germany for a service and rectification. Steiner took the extraordinary step to replace the scope with a new generation Ranger 4; within three weeks after submission !! I have been using the new scope on my 270 Win for extensive hunting and culling often under adverse conditions. I have taken in the order of 150 animals (mainly springbok, blue wildebeest and gemsbok) with the Steiner/Sako270 combo over the past months (all head-shots). I can objectively state that the new model is in all respects on par with the three more expensive brands which I also use. For me, the new model’s reticle (illuminated ‘floating’ dot) is near perfect for shooting in the all conditions, including the dense thickets of the Eastern Cape of South Africa and the vast open plains of Namibia. I unconditionally recommend the Steiner Ranger 4.

(Posted on 20/01/2022)

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